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Get answer to some common questions

Is there any terms and conditions for a purchase?

  • We provide the exact saree along with one yard of the exact blouse material shown in the product pictures
  • We do not have a policy to check before buying and we do not accept returns as well
  • The order once placed will be handed over for delivery and you will be contacted by the delivery personnel before reaching you.
  • Please contact 0767175552 for any further clarifications.

What are the delivery charges?

No delivery charges within Sri Lanka

How many days will it take to deliver the package?

It depends on the location. Within colombo and suburbs it usually takes around 1-2 working days. For all other areas it would take around 3-4 working days. If a package needs to be delivered urgently (within 24 hours) an additional payment needs to be made.

Is the price of the Saree inclusive of the blouse Material?

Yes it is inclusive one yard of the same blouse material shown on the product pictures.

Do you have a shop/store?

No we are an online store only hence no shop.

Is there anyway we could checkout the Saree before purchasing or do you accept returns if we don't like the color etc?

Unfortunately since we are an online store we do not have a returns policy or we dont have a process to allow clients to check before buying. However you can visit our workshop that too based on a prior appointment, and this will be allowed only if there are staff available to assist you at the workshop. (Please note that we do not have sales staff to assist you therefore we may not be available most of the time for an appointment).

How can I order?

You can buy online (make the payment online) or order through our website for payment via Cash on delivery.